Are you on the right financial path? When will you be able to retire and what financial adjustments would be advisable for you to take? Our comprehensive financial plan reviews multiple aspects of your current finances and your financial goals. It is the cornerstone to your “Financial Roadmap.”

With a comprehensive financial plan you will feel more confident about your financial decision-making, save more money and feel better about your progress in saving toward financial goals. This package benefits people at all income levels and at any stage of their lives.

The plan includes:

  • Long-Term Spending
      Lifetime cash flow projection, which includes income projections and tax estimates.
  • Education Funding
    • Tax-efficient, long-term strategies for paying for college education.
  • Investments
    • Assistance in preparing an investment policy statement.
    • Identification of time horizon for investments.
    • Recommendation of an asset allocation to match risk, time horizon, and other parameters.
  • Retirement
    • Review employment-related benefits, qualified plan contributions, and other tax-deferral arrangements. Recommend ways to maximize benefits.
    • Estimate Social Security benefits, and recommend Social Security start date and strategies.
    • Consider healthcare and long-term care in retirement.
  • Income Tax
    • Tax minimization and deferral strategies, including tax efficient investments and contributions to IRAs, qualified retirement plans, and college savings programs.
    • Planning for Alternative Minimum Tax.
  • Insurance
    • Analyze current insurance policies.
    • Recommend types and amounts of coverage for property & casualty, health, major medical, excess liability, disability, life insurance, and long-term care coverage.
    • Provide referrals to insurance professionals, as needed.
  • Estate Planning
    • Review of current wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and related documents. Recommendation of new or updated documents.
    • Analyze beneficiary designations and proper titling of assets.
    • Discuss desired gifting strategies.

Price range $2000-$4500.