Divorce may be one of the most emotional and traumatic events in a person’s life. The financial decisions you make during this time can seem overwhelming and can impact your life for years to come. When emotions run high, financial mistakes are often made. In a divorce, these mistakes can be permanent and the impact of these consequences can be devastating.

Working with a financial professional who specializes in financial and tax issues specific to divorce, can help you avoid costly mistakes. By applying the principles of divorce financial planning early on, we can help you avoid unworkable outcomes and future financial hardships.  As a CPA trained in collaborative divorce and mediation, Elizabeth put her many years of experience working with divorce attorneys/mediators and navigating these difficult emotional waters to work for you to help you through this stressful time in your life. Elizabeth can help you:

  • Take financial control of the divorce process
  • Gain a clear understanding of your current and future financial picture
  • Be more focused on reaching a fair and workable settlement
  • Negotiate more effectively
  • Reduce legal fees
  • Minimize taxes for investment
  • Maximize marital assets
  • Perform a detailed financial and tax review of your proposed settlement BEFORE you sign your agreement

Post Divorce

Elizabeth can assist you with:

  • The division of financial assets such as IRA and stock accounts
  • Monitoring vesting and payment schedules for deferred compensation (such as stock options and RSUs)
  • Post-tax projections of deferred compensation
  • Monitoring income of your ex-spouse for alimony/safe harbor provisions
  • Post divorce financial planning
  • Tax preparation and filing